Get kids outside and discovering amazing outdoor survival skills.

Take the weight off your shoulders with teaching engaging science! 

Fun for the kids, and easy for the adults!

8 weeks of elementary-level video lessons to encourage critical thinking skills with hands-on science activities. 

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Millions of children are not in their typical learning environment. This doesn't mean you can't bring the classroom to the children! As an educator bringing science and Montessori philosophy to children for over 20 years, I'm excited to bring you a fast and easy way for your kids to continue their science education no matter where they are.


What To Expect

  • Most materials for the activities are items you have around the house. 

  • Bring science to your backyard
  • Short videos to explain the science behind-it-all and activities to do after
    • No worksheets.
    • No memorizing facts.
    • No tests.
    • Just pure, active participation!
  • Activities encouraging independence
  • Do it as a family. Everyone has fun!
  • No more kids stuck inside the house playing video games for hours.

Weekly Lessons

Each week includes a video lesson and downloadable pdf with many choices for hands-on activities.

Scientific Notebooks

Every researcher takes notes and organizes information.  Learn how to create your own notebook, just like a scientist. 

Shelter Making with a Lean-to

Have a wonderful place outside to hang out in. Create your own “lean to” and learn why providing shelter is a fundamental need. 

Navigation with Stars

Practice looking into the sky with new skills. There was actually a time we didn’t have GPS to tell us where to go. Even before maps! 

Water Purification with a Solar Still

Learn how to purify your own water to drink. Water is essential to life. What happens when we don’t have access to a clean source? 

Cooking with a Solar Oven

Make a yummy treat independently without the use of fire, a stove or electricity. Learn how we can use solar heat… and start eating!

The Importance of Maps

Did you know there’s an art and science to creating maps?  Learn how this form of communication connects people regardless of culture, language and education. 

Navigation Compass

Make your own compass, and let's learn to navigate. Learn the science behind how a compass works. Get ready to get outside!

Make Your Own Sundial

We're going to create our own sundials! What are sundials, and how do you use them? Without even knowing it, every culture created their own. 

"As a Montessori parent, I highly recommend Backpack Sciences. My children (2nd and 5th grade) watch the videos each week and participate in the recommended activities. What we love about these videos is that they are short, full of information and fun facts. The kids are able to relate, connect and retain the information. "

S. Sabhnani
Parent and Math Educator

Imagine This Is How Children Learn...


How will these subject areas be covered?

Science - through observation and experiments. We'll investigate the HOW and WHY.
Research and Writing- every lesson will encourage further investigation to learn more. Your child will learn new facts and conclusions. 
Technology - your child will apply scientific knowledge and use it for practical purposes to improve human life and environment. Let's combine engineering and scientific investigation.
Engineering - imagine your child designing solutions for real-world problems using science and math. 
Art - the outdoors and nature is an incredible opportunity to allow children to creatively express apply technical skill, imagination, senses and emotion. 
Mathematics - use math concepts such as geometry, arrangement, structure and analysis of change in real life problem solving. 
History - Let's acknowledge that everything has a story, how it developed and it's purpose. 
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8 Weeks of Elementary Learning


One time payment with ongoing access

Less than $8 per lesson

8 high-level science video lessons

8 handouts with various fun learning activities

Private Facebook Group for adults to support and ask questions

Yes! I Want This For My Child!

Don't let this your every day!

Let's take that energy outside with "Outdoor Science Skills".

"Yes, it is science based, but these projects combine so many skills that a kid should work on. Ari wrote the longest (research) paper of his life this week. I'm honestly a little frustrated with the educational resources he's getting from his school. It's really just digital worksheets. I don't feel that's a good way to learn, so we're supplementing now with your program. Thank you for what you're doing."

Joshua C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each lesson will include an instructional video and a pdf with various follow-up activities and ideas for kids to choose based on their interest. They can do one, a few, all, or even make up their own activity!

Additional supplies depends on the activity your child chooses and creates. Many of the items are things you have at home already. All are low priced items. 

No. I'll teach everything via the video. I always like to include some history, a story, and also how it applies to our lives. The handout will then help guide your child to further explore and extend the learning. 

No problem!! These can be opportunities for children to independently work on them. You can have them "present" them to you at the end. This is a great teaching moment for your child to share all that was learned, building the child's confidence and excitement of being an expert and teaching. 

One lesson will be available each week. If you don't get a chance to do that activity, don't worry. You have ongoing access to the videos and activity ideas. 

You can always send an email or post in our private Facebook group. In addition to my input, we can use our community to help. 

Honestly, where else can you get direct access to the creator of the lesson and ask for more help?!

Jackie Grundberg

Jackie's first career was as a wildlife biologist in Colorado, New York, and Cameroon after a university study abroad in Kenya. Through her 21 years of teaching experiences at many different schools, observation of her own children's education and now guiding adults earning their teaching credentials, she's on the mission to lessen the gaps in science education with inquiry-based, hands-on, experiential higher level learning. Her work as an instructional guide with adults in a teacher education program guarantees she's skilled to move you forward in your success path. 

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