Teach hands-on elementary  science without the overwhelm

  • Eliminate hours from your prep time with ready-to-go lessons.
  • Leave the video series with a ready-to-go lesson and a strategy you can use every day. 
  •  In 4 short videos, this will change your way of teaching science - increasing the amount of science taught, yet reducing the headache of figuring out the details. 

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Join me for a FREE video series, "Science. Simplified." Learn how to simplify teaching science.

Video #1: Learn how to teach hands-on science in very little time

Video #2 Walk away with a super easy strategy you can do right now

Video #3: Why March 2020 is the best time to take action

Video #4: Ignite your curriculum with a free lesson plan

The Possibility

What if you could prepare ALL the details for a science lesson in less than an hour?

What if your lessons  were hands-on, inquiry-based and involved critical thinking?

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Receive a guide on how to create student-generated science exploration, research and presentation in any topic at any time...

Too good to be true? You'll see! 

Focused time and energy

Easily map out your path in order to enjoy teaching science and make your life easier.

Let's get back those hours and hours you spend preparing for science lessons and use them with your family and friends. 



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Join me for a FREE video series, "Science. Simplified," on how to simplify teaching science.