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Backpack Sciences is a membership for...

Elementary and Middle School educators who want to overcome the overwhelm in teaching science.


Are you searching for experiential and inquiry-based science lessons?


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Imagine if you could ...

Know exactly what science lesson you are teaching next WITHOUT spending any time researching.

Save money and time because you already have presentation materials READY-TO-GO.

Have more time to spend with family and friends, other teaching tasks or for SELF-CARE.

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Manel L. 

Upper Elementary Montessori Teacher

I would highly recommend the support of Backpack Sciences. This program enhanced my approach to teaching science. I noticed myself becoming more confident in preparing and presenting lessons without the stress of looking at random resources online. Students show enthusiasm to learning new science lessons. As a long life learning, I cannot overstate the value of Backpack Sciences. It is a fantastic program.

Joshua C.


Yes, it is science based, but these projects combine so many skills that a kid should work on. Ari wrote the longest (research) paper of his life this week. I'm honestly a little frustrated with the educational resources he's getting from his school. It's really just digital worksheets. I don't feel that's a good way to learn, so we're supplementing now with your program. Thank you for what you're doing.


1) Ready-to-go so you don't have to search elsewhere.

  • A library of resources of detailed science lessons with presentation materials, support video and photos.

  •      Each video lesson is transcribed into a downloadable pdf, if you'd like to present the lesson yourself.  An

         audio mp4 is also available.


2) Feel confident that the lessons fulfill expectations of what students should know and be able to do it.

All lessons are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).


3) Get your questions answered quickly.

Direct access to the creator of the lesson plans.


4) Do you ever feel lost or alone?

A private Facebook community to discuss, share, and support one another.

Live Q & A

  • Each month, members will have an opportunity to submit questions to be answered during a Facebook Live.

  • Sometimes answer YOUR question really helps OTHERS. Get clarity and inspiration from others!


Guest Speakers

  • Experts in their field will join us each month to discuss topics to enhance adult and children's knowledge. 

  • Benefit from Jackie's relationships with colleagues in her field

  • Continue to increase your professional development and learn to apply the skills

Amazing Value

  • Library of Lesson Plans with new lessons added monthly

  • Presentation Materials

  • Resource List with direct links

  • Support Video and Photos

  • Direct contact with the creator of the lessons
  • Guest Speakers
  • Private Facebook Group with like-minded, supportive community

  • The Essay Cure Writing Library

  • Draw What You See! Lessons

  • Special Guest Webinar: Learn how to adapt and incorporate lessons for different age levels, including 3-6 or middle school.

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Overwhelmed Oscar

  • Overwhelmed Oscar spends hours to prep a lesson and feels like a hamster on a wheel. Maybe he gives 1 lesson a month.
  • Are your lessons randomly scheduled? Do you feel lost on how, when and what to teach in science? Are you searching for guidance?
  • Book a personalized coaching call with Jackie to get you on track. Email and mark your calendar to hear your answers to your questions in the Live Q&A.

Positive Paula

  • Positive Paula prepares for lessons last minute. The night before, she searches for the best way to give hands-on, inquiry-based science lessons.
  • Do you have a reliable science lesson plan resource?  Do you have one-on-one access to a credentialed and experienced teacher coach?
  • Download one of Backpack Sciences' lesson and pick a day to present. Use the Calendar to schedule the lesson and follow-up activities.

Up-and-Coming Ursula

  • Up-and-Coming Ursula wants to integrate subject areas in a natural and effortless way. She doesn’t want to add more prep time. 
  • Are you still searching for ways to incorporate critical thinking skills in cross-curricular areas? 
  • Use the Guided Inquiry Sheet once a week to engage Scientific inquiry questions and discussions. Join the guest speaker each month to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Confident Chloe

  • Confident Chloe is our rockstar friend! She spends her time preparing for other lessons.
  • She has more time on evenings and weekends with family and friends and is constantly reminded why she loves teaching.
  • Her students, friends and colleagues are always amazed on how her lessons inspire children to love science and love to learn.

Kristen Richter Brown

Parent, Montessori educator and Co-founder of Using Art for Emotional Literacy

Backpack Sciences’ lessons are a life saver. They provide clarity and a foundation to my science curriculum. This allows me to be free to authentically engage with my students rather than thinking ahead about “What am I going to do next?” They have also given me my weekends back. Thank you, Jackie, for giving me a breath of fresh air and confidence.

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Jackie Grundberg

Founder of Backpack Sciences

Jackie's first career was as a wildlife biologist in Colorado, New York, and Cameroon after a university study abroad in Kenya. Through her 22 years of teaching experiences at many different schools, observation of her own children's education and now guiding adults earning their teaching credentials, she hopes to lessen the gaps in science education with inquiry-based, hands-on, experiential higher level learning. Her work as an instructional guide with adults in a teacher education program guarantees she's skilled to move you forward in your success path.