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Are you ...

  • in search for new, easy, hands-on activities that include different subject areas?

  • looking for ways to connect science to everyday life experiences?

  • spending hours online and overwhelmed with prep time? 


Backpack Sciences is a membership for...

Elementary and middle school educators who want to overcome the overwhelm in teaching science. 


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Imagine if you could ...

Log-in, click and have ready-to-go written and video lessons

Give a child different follow-up activities choices encouraging overlaps of subject areas 

Have more time for yourself

Have more time for your loved ones

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"Science Behind Cooking" Video Bundle

Use food and cooking to learn math, physics, chemistry and more! Put science to practical use in a child's everyday life. 

8 video lessons that include hands-on, experiential follow-up activities. No worksheets or tests. Just fun!

Reduce your prep time by hours!

Kids will be creative, problem-solving chefs and scientists at the same time!


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Fossil Fuel Formation Lesson Plan

Receive this popular video lesson for grades 4 - middle school students for FREE. You get everything you need for a hands-on activity that gives you:

The knowledge to teach a concept that is difficult to conceptualize.

Step-by-step instructions and video on how to do the activity with students.

Have a ready-to-go, hands-on, inquiry-based experiment that aligns with NGSS standards.

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"Outdoor Science Skills" Video Bundle

Make your own shelter lean-to, solar oven, compass, water purifier, sundial and explore the night sky. 

8 video lessons that will get your kids outside, building and creating fundamental concepts with surviving the outdoors. 

Bring science to your backyard and encourage independence using critical thinking skills.



I Want This!

Membership Benefits


No more starting from scratch lesson plans


You'll have a library of resources of detailed science lessons at your fingertips. 

You'll feel confident that the lessons fulfill expectations of what students should know and be able to do.


The library of science lessons are all aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core.


You don't have to worry if there's something you don't understand


Be comforted you have direct access to the creator of the lessons. I'll be there to help each of you in your unique learning environments. I answer every question by email, VideoAsk, our private Facebook group. 


Never feel isolated or alone again!


We have a private Facebook group to discuss, share, and support one another. There are quarterly work sessions. Be comforted to be with like-minded people with similar goals. Share wins, questions and discoveries.


New Lesson Plans Each Month

  • Each month, new lesson plans are added in downloadable PDFs. All follow-up activities include variety of overlapping subject areas.
  • Written lessons include Montessori 5-part cards, a support video with suggestions of how you can give the lesson and a follow-up activities pdf with direct links to purchase equipment.
  • Video lessons (teaching directly to the children) include follow-up PDFs with direct links to purchase equipment, video transcripts and audio mp4. 

Guest Speakers

  • Experts in science, parenting, Montessori and other areas will join us each month to discuss topics based on your questions, struggles or our lesson focus. 
  • Continue to increase your knowledge so that you feel confident in science, teaching and parenting. 

Jackie Grundberg

Founder of Backpack Sciences

Jackie's first career was as a wildlife biologist in Colorado, New York, and Cameroon after a university study abroad in Kenya. Through her 22 years of teaching experiences at many different schools, observation of her own children's education and now guiding adults earning their teaching credentials, she hopes to lessen the gaps in science education with inquiry-based, hands-on, experiential higher-level learning. She is Montessori (AMS) credentialed to teach 1st - 6th grade, state credentialed in middle school and high school biology. Her work as an instructional guide with adults in a Montessori teacher education program guarantees she's skilled to move you forward in your success path.