For elementary teachers and homeschooling parents

Reignite Your Science Curriculum Workshop


How to teach confidently within minutes regardless of your teaching experience and knowledge of science.


Jan. 21st - 23rd, 2021

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During this Workshop

You'll receive a lesson and follow-up activities where your students will be learning about parasitic organisms! Get clarity on how your experience, learning environment and confidence influence how you teach while providing a science lesson you can use right away!

Video Lesson

Get the popular video lesson, "Did you know..." on parasitic larva to show directly to the children. Saving you time researching current scientific knowledge to teach the lesson.

Multiple Follow-up Activities

Have several fun, engaging cross-curricular follow-up activities to choose from, so that you have a variety of choices and don't have to spend time brainstorming ideas.

 Teaching Strategies

Discover how to effectively implement a lesson specifically customized to your confidence level, teaching style, children's abilities and your learning environment ALL within minutes! Know exactly what to do after giving the lesson.


Have support when you have questions to adjust the lesson and activities to your specific learning environment.

  • Get a quick and super-easy plan to engage children with science. 


  • Use kids' fascination for gross, out-of-the-norm stories and connect it with science. They won't even know they're doing academic work! 


  • Discover how to use one lesson plan for multiple ages and interests to accommodate all of your students.


"Jackie Grundberg is passionate about science! Few people bring the same amount of science expertise, teacher-know-how, and enthusiasm to science learning. A pleasure to work with, Jackie is an example of how one shares her passion with others. I highly recommend Jackie and Backpack Sciences to anyone interested in engaging Elementary students in science. You will enjoy Jackie, her pep, and her ideas."

Nora Shuart-Faris, PhD

Montessori teacher and administrator

Reignite Your Science Curriculum


  • In 3 days, get clarity on how to approach teaching science so that it's hands-on, interesting for children, less work for you, regardless YOUR experience, confidence level, knowledge and learning environment.
  • Access to a click-and-ready-to-go science video lesson so you spend less time preparing
  • Cross-curricular and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) aligned follow-up activities at your fingertips
  • Live Q & A opportunity so that all your questions are answered.
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Jackie Grundberg

     Jackie's first career was as a wildlife biologist in Colorado, New York, and Cameroon after a university study abroad in Kenya.

     Through her 23 years of teaching experiences at many different schools, observation of her own children's education and now guiding adults earning their teaching credentials, she's passionate to lessen the gaps in science education with inquiry-based, hands-on, experiential higher level learning. 

     Her work as an instructional guide with adults in a teacher education program guarantees she's skilled to move you forward in your success path. 

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