Want to make science fun in the kitchen? 


This is perfect for teachers and homeschooling parents!

Make math, chemistry and physics concepts real with cooking and practical life information

Children will think both like a chef and a scientist! 

Have independent learners who love to be creative and inquisitive thinkers

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Are you looking for high-level, engaging, purposeful and

unique science experiments?

No more getting overwhelmed on how to get kids excited for science!
Children will become experimental scientists using their very own lab (kitchen)!

Let's incorporate hands-on, experiential lessons without all the prep!

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"Science Behind Cooking" Video Lessons


This is the perfect way to uncover secrets in cooking, introduce sensory science, and EAT YOUR OWN EXPERIMENTS!


Have fun together in the kitchen while learning science.

  • Feel relieved... your all set with 8 ready-to-go lessons with several follow-up activities to choose from
  • Feel confident that you're teaching math, chemistry, biology, physics, art, history, writing, problem-solving and so much more!
  • Materials are found easily in your home with many opportunities to substitute
  • Have more time for your family and friends because you've reduced your prep time!
  • Improve nutrition, food choice and health
  • Montessori elementary science lessons with NGSS and Common Core alignment


This Is What I Need!

How It Works

Watch short video (10 - 15 minutes)

Each lesson focuses on a food science topic and gets kids excited to further explore the science behind cooking. We'll also include a food safety tips. 

Follow-Up Activities

Choose from a list of activities to further explore the topic. For example, hands-on experiments, ideas for further research, writing a story, presentations, and more!

Enjoy and Share

Scientific inquiry ends with sharing the discovery. Results can be through writing, presentations, art, or in many lessons, a TASTY treat! 

  Video Lessons

Each video lesson and downloadable pdf includes many choices for hands-on activities.

Lesson 1

What is Cooking?

We'll look into why and how food is cooked. What is the history of cooking? What is taste? Why is taste helpful to our survival? What is conduction, convection and radiation?

Lesson 2

Make Your Own Edible Water "Bottles" Bubbles

AKA, Popping Boba! Super popular and yummy! Scientists are already creating these bubbles in an attempt to eliminate plastic bottles. Molecular gastronomy and tasty treat! 

Lesson 3

Salt - The Only Rock We Eat

Homer described salt as a divine substance. Plato said it was especially dear to the gods. Up to 100 years ago, salt was the most sought-after commodity. What does a pickle have to do with a buzzer?

Lesson 4

Sugar - How Sweet You Are!

Discover how sugar is not only a sweetener but its effect in baked goods, dairy and ice cream. Test out your skills in thermal decomposition for that perfect summertime treat!

Lesson 5 - Eggs! 

Eggs are so versatile, nutritious and essential to cooking. Discover how the egg's protein, fat and emulsifiers are superheroes to cooking! How does Newton's Law of Motion play in? 

Lesson 6 - Flour...not Flower!

A form of flour is in almost every kitchen pantry around the world. Protein, starch, gluten, baking powder, baking soda, oh my! Be prepared for some tasty experimenting!! 

Lesson 7

Think Like a Chef!

Let's dive deeper into the science behind cooking to prepare a delicious meal. What are primary cooking methods (frying, roasting, steaming, etc.)? Look at nutrition, waste and creativity in cooking.


Lesson 8 

Top Off The Perfect Dinner with a Delicious Dessert!

Mmm, whipped cream! Discover how to macerate (nicer than it sounds) fruit, about fruit preservation, and the history of vanilla. What a great way to end a meal!

Why Choose To Purchase "Science Behind Cooking" Lesson Bundle?

  • In the kitchen is the one of best places to have fun activities together
  • Ready-to-go science lessons with very little prep
  • You'll have independent learners in the kitchen 
  • Using food encourages kids to create fun experiments and learn in the kitchen
  • Children will learn naturally problem-solving, inquiry with hands-on activities
  • No worksheets, memorization or tests
  • Feel safe with science experiments in a controlled environment. We'll also go over food safety tips! BONUS!
  • Experiments will blow your mind on WHY we use particular ingredients and how it works
  • Grand Finale! A dinner and dessert created knowing all the science behind how it's cooked!

Science Behind Cooking

Fun and tasty science lessons ready-to-go! 

8 science lessons


One time payment with ongoing access

Less than $8 per lesson


8 high-level science video lessons

8 handouts with various fun learning activities

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Here's A Little About Me

I'm an elementary (1st - 6th grade) credentialed Montessori teacher with 11 years of teaching experience.

I love seeing children's eyes light up when they're experiencing hands-on activities.

After a college study abroad studying wildlife management in Kenya, I worked as a wildlife biologist in Colorado, New York and Cameroon. 

Yes, my dream was to be the next Jane Goodall!

I've worked at CGMS (Center for Guided Montessori Studies) since 2017.

As an instructional guide, field consultant and practicum guide, I help adult learners earn their Montessori teaching credentials.

I love to read!

I'm state credentialed to teach middle school and high school biology. 

Once upon a time, I was classroom teacher struggling with balancing time  prep, family and friends. 

Now, I help YOU overcome the overwhelm!

I believe science and nature can bring us true happiness and peace.

When I was young, I wanted to be a veterinarian.

I have two elementary-aged children who inspire the lessons. 

I love to travel - Mostly to eat local cuisine!


Looking forward to getting to know you :) 

Guest Contributor - James Lysons

James has spent his entire career dedicated to food.  He began cooking in pizza parlors and delis and eventually made his way to some of the finest restaurants in the world including Gramercy Tavern in NYC and Auberge du Soleil, Napa, CA. 

Along the way, he earned a Bachelor's degree from the New England Culinary Institute and entered a management training program at a major hotel and resort chain before taking on executive chef roles at a number of well-respected organizations. 

After nearly 20 years in the kitchen, James turned his attention to the social, economic and political aspects of food and earned a Master’s in Gastronomy from Boston University.  James resides in Seattle, Washington.

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